Worldwide tracks

  • More than 350 tracks
  • Suggested gear ratio
  • Magnetic time lines
  • Length
  • Best lap
  • Country auto detection
  • Available offline and synchronized
  • Free feature
simple stopwatch


  • Volume buttons trigger
  • Lap history
  • Best lap
  • Excel export
  • Lap difference
  • Share by email, Facebook, ...
  • Free feature

Rotax Max Senior jetting

  • Suggested main jet/pin height/spark plug based on the local weather
  • Official chart main jet
  • 3 next days weather
gear ratio

Gear ratio

  • Find easily the right sprocket
  • Quick access from the track feature
  • Free feature
max speed

Max speed

  • Compute your max speed
  • No GPS needed
  • Free feature
multiple stopwatch

Advanced stopwatch

  • Up to 3 drivers simultaneously
  • Volume buttons trigger
  • Laps history with lap difference
  • Best/worst/average lap
  • Chart
  • Consistency
  • Share excel export

More free features

  • Track world map
  • Fuel oil mix ratio
  • Flags
  • Average speed
  • Speed in Km/h or Mph
  • Temperature in Celcius or Fahrenheit
  • Wheel size in inch or cm
  • Free frequent updates

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